Searocco 1500

Searocco foto's

With the Searocco you can sail to the Azores, Greenland, Helsinki or to Marseille or Paris via inland waterways.

  The Searocco 1500 is a seagoing motor yacht with a steel round bilge and an aluminium superstructure. It is designed for passagemaking, (category CE-A) but is also suitable for inland waters due to its low air draft (3.45 m). The Searocco 1500 is suitable for long journeys in both summer and winter with all the necessary on-board luxuries to ensure comfortable sailing throughout the year. There are no different options to choose from. The Searocco 1500 is equipped as standard with, among other things, a dishwasher, washer/dryer, air-conditioning, generator, water purifier and even stabilisers.  
  The Searocco 1500 is the most professional yacht built in the 15 meter class. The building method is similar to that of mega yacht construction for which worldwide service is guaranteed for the parts and materials used.